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Real estate credit: low rates boost buyers’ morale

According to the IFOP study conducted at the initiative of the DENMo and published in September, the morale of the French is good on the subject of the real estate market. The exceptionally low level of mortgage rates is generating unprecedented enthusiasm for obtaining a loan, despite high prices.

Historically low rates!

Historically low rates!

Borrowing money is very cheap. The average mortgage rate was 1.43% in August according to the Housing Credit Observatory / CSA. That’s half less than in 2013! The IFOP / DENMo study reveals that 76% of French people find this better attractive real estate rate. The reason for these exceptionally low figures is economic: the banks are “selling off” their rates because they have not achieved their goals. The perception of the French is the proof, more than half of them (56%) consider it easy to obtain a mortgage. A record.

  What does this mean for your loan?

  What does this mean for your loan?

The price of the real estate market is increasing but to maintain its activity, it is necessary to attract new buyers. The banks are now soft-eyed profiles they did not accept before reveals the analysis DENMo. It is necessary to have a CDI, a savings and to show that you are a good manager of your finances. Thanks to this, you will be able to negotiate your mortgage on exceptional conditions!

Make the most of this rare situation

Make the most of this rare situation

According to the DENMo, the buyers have all the keys to negotiate a mortgage rate even lower than the one announced. Some loans were made at 1% with a 20 year repayment. You can also take the opportunity to increase the repayment period without exploding the proposed rate. You will be able to have lower monthly payments and respect the rule of the 33% of capacity of indebtedness.

If you have a personal contribution, you can choose to dedicate it to another project or to make it profitable by financing your purchase at 100% by a loan. In such favorable conditions of borrowing, it is a weighted choice. Play the competition to get the best mortgage possible… you just have to start looking for your future real estate and build a credible loan!

How fast can I get a payday loan?

Sometimes the need for money can be really acute: Something surprising happens and you haven’t had time to prepare.

If you have a credit card, a sudden and burning need for money is often not a problem, as a credit card allows you to purchase products or services within the limits allowed by your credit line and is available at all times.

If you do not have a credit card, getting a quick payday loan can be a bit more challenging to break. How quickly can I get a payday loan?

Here’s how to apply for a loan right away


One of the selling points of consumer credit companies and express brokerage firms is precisely speed. They often promise money to your account in as little as 15 minutes. In that case, however, everything has to hit the button:

  • Apply for a loan online.
  • Your application meets all the requirements and no additional attachments are required.
  • Instant checks your bank account transactions.
  • You apply for a loan in business loan processing hours.
  • You have a bank with which the lender has an agreement.

So the 15-minute promise of money in your account will not come true every time. So keep in mind that even if you don’t have to submit any attachments, it may take several business days before the money is in your account and available to you.

Banks consumer loans fast

Banks consumer loans fast

If you are applying for a consumer credit with a bank that you already have, you can get a loan very quickly. For example, Good Finance Flexibility Loan allows you to get a positive loan decision as soon as you apply for a payday loan. If you have a positive loan decision, you will immediately receive money in your account between 7am and 10:30 pm on weekdays.

The same applies to Goodbank’s True Loan, which you can apply to with your online bank IDs. If you have been a Goodbank customer for at least 6 months and your Goodbank account receives your salary or pension, you will receive a credit decision within one business day. Within a banking day, you will also be promised money in your account if your credit decision is positive.

Compare loan rates, don’t speed

Compare loan rates, don

Although sometimes the need for money can be burning, don’t rush to take the quickest loan offer – not necessarily the best. Also note that although you can apply for a loan 24 hours a day, the loan is only available during certain opening hours.

Also, do not rely directly on your bank’s consumer credit, but boldly compare offers from different lenders. You may well be able to get a much cheaper loan if you take a moment to compare.

Our free and quick payday loan comparison will quickly reveal to you the current annual and nominal interest rates of the loans: